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Those eager to hear the outcome of the drawn-out saga of Screamer Telecommunications’ allegedly unlawful deal with Sentech to use a portion of the state-owned signal distributor’s spectrum will have to wait until at least November. There has... Read More
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Closing arguments will now be heard in just over a month in the matter that has already dragged on for years.  Closing arguments in the complaint against Screamer Telecommunications will only be heard next month, as the hearing overran the three... Read More
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Screamer Telecommunications has pleaded innocence during the first day of hearings by the regulator’s complaints and compliance committee into allegations it used spectrum without a licence. Screamer Telecommunications, which is accused using... Read More
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Regulator Icasa?s complaints and compliance committee has postponed its hearing of the complaint laid against Screamer Telecoms until September because its lead witness is assisting with US president Barack Obama?s visit to South Africa. By Craig... Read More
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Telecommunications regulator, the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa), and members of the SA Police Service on Friday raided the head office and two satellite offices of controversial Internet service provider Screamer Telecoms,... Read More
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[b]Sentech says Screamer Telecoms is operating illegally and that ICASA is responsible for addressing the issue[/b] It is no secret that Screamer Telecoms has been using Sentech?s 2.6GHz spectrum to provide consumers with WiMax and Wi-Fi services.... Read More
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[b]Following several[/b] industry complaints and media reports, Screamer Telecoms and Sentech are to be called to face the complaints and compliance committee of the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa). No date has been set yet for... Read More
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[b]Independent Communications[/b] Authority of SA (Icasa) CEO Themba Dlamini will in early February reveal findings of a detailed investigation into radio frequency spectrum allegedly used by Screamer Telecoms, an Internet service provider. Screamer... Read More
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[b]Sentech chairman Quraysh Patel[/b] Screamer Telecoms was still using Sentech?s radio frequency spectrum as recently as October 2009, internal Sentech documents leaked to TechCentral have revealed. This is despite the state-owned company... Read More
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Industry players at odds about the legality of Screamer Telecoms? WiMax network Screamer Telecoms is well known in the broadband and wireless community as a WiMax network operator providing consumers with broadband and telephony services.... Read More
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