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This article was originally published on RealBusiness Open source software found its beginnings as a free, counter offer to giants the likes of Microsoft and Oracle. Its driving purpose: to give people the freedom and flexibility of adapting their... Read More
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This article was originally published on IT-Brief Clients are increasingly expecting more from their phone systems, and this complexity is ushering in the end of open source solutions (OSS). Phone calls in our organisation integrate with our... Read More
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Leading developer of IP desktop phones and IP communications solutions, snom technology AG, today announced its partnership with leading designer and manufacturer of IP telephony platforms Far South Networks. The partnership between two prominent... Read More
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[b]The Open Garden Story[/b] The Internet is more than a place to go shopping. Or a way of staying in touch with friends. The universal availability of information results in liberation. Regardless of whether you were born in New York, Shanghai or... Read More
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When he isn?t talking at technology conferences and seminars, or travelling to them, 49-year-old Steve Song lives and works in Durbanville near Cape Town. He?s perhaps best known for his map of the various submarine cables that have landed in Africa... Read More
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Take a look at www.rowetel.com and learn how one man has done so much ! So let Dave tell you a little about what he has been up to. I?m David Rowe, an electronic engineer living in Adelaide, South Australia. My mission is to improve the world ? just... Read More
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[b]Microsoft are at it again ![/b] With Windows 8 coming out later this year, there has already been controversy about whether computers that ship with Windows 8 will have the ability to run Linux, either as a replacement for Windows or in a dual-... Read More
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[b]The Serval Project[/b] The Serval Project, started out off Flinders University in Australia if truely representative of what an 'Open Source' project can achieve for the better of all ! 'Communications should not just be for the... Read More
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[b]Picking the top ten Linux distributions is a tricky business. Here?s our choice[/b]. Picking the top ten Linux distributions is fraught with problems. There?s very little hard data to go on and the nature of open source means that most users are... Read More
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[img]http://www.whichvoip.co.za/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/Mesh_P... The Village Telco ?Mesh Potato? has just come of age in regard to that last week FCC & CE type approval was granted. http://villagetelco.org/2011/10/mesh-potatoes-... Read More
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The 'Village Telco' which is an open source development group produced a device called a 'Mesh Potato' a self contained Wi-Fi mesh node with a LAN port and a FXS port, great stuff, so you can buld a mesh network for voice and... Read More
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