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It’s tax season and taxpayers registered for SARS e-Filing can start filing their personal income tax returns from 1 July 2019. For the over 335 000 people employed within South Africa’s ICT (Information and Communications Technology) sector*,... Read More
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South Africa?s current woes, both real and imagined, appear to be coming in jumbo-packs of late. The uncertainties around the upcoming National Elections, severe weather conditions and ratings agency downgrades are all dealing body blows to our... Read More
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South Africa?s skills shortage is preventing the country from achieving the 5% annual GDP growth that is our only real chance of making a dent in poverty. In a 2018 report, Pew Research estimated that some 900 000 people born in South Africa were... Read More
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SMEs are the engine of our economy with some 60% of employed South Africans working for small and medium-sized enterprises. What, however, keeps reseller SMEs in the country?s competitive ICT sector moving forward? The answer, according to... Read More
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