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In this article we take a look into beyond that euphoric day when your home fibre line goes live and you get smart. We have all been hearing that fibre to the home is the future but what is the future of fibre? Thinking back into 2016 I can... Read More
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A look into the challenges for both client and provider: the frenzy that has accompanied the acquisition of fibre to the home (FTTH) services has not been seen since the ?Hoola Hoop? craze of the late 1950s or perhaps the Pet Rock in the 1970s. ... Read More
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The industry has been buzzing with news that fibre to the home (FTTH) for the lucky few is now delivering high speed affordable broadband access. It would appear that the challenges of the ?last mile? are finally being addressed but in doing so we... Read More
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A look into challenges beyond the last mile Not a week goes by where we are not hearing of another suburb that is lined up for FTTH rollout and this is great news for the residents that live there, finally a solution to overcome the last mile... Read More
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Farnborough: November 9th 2015, CRALEY Group is pleased to announce the successful trial of the innovative and patented Atlantis Hydrotec? D-Series solution in Dainfern, South Africa by GREENCOM. GREENCOM South Africa have successfully trialed the... Read More
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We all crave the arrival of high speed broadband and on the surface it would appear that the only affordable options are fibre and LTE. But before making a choice we need to look into the core service offerings.  LTE has a much bigger footprint... Read More
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Greencom has slashed its 50Mbps and 100Mbps fibre-to-the-home prices, which includes free upgrades for existing customers. Greencom has reduced the price of its 50Mbps and 100Mbps uncapped and unshaped fibre-to-the-home services. The fibre... Read More
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KEEPING SUNNINGHILL RESIDENTS INFORMED On Saturday the 4th July Greencom was in the Sunninghill Gardens Park to chat to the residents of Sunninghill about the progress of our fibre roll-out and answer all the technical and commercial questions the... Read More
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A look into broadband, the Internet of Things and the rise of the “DSL heads” To compete in order to win something The word contention is a topic that generates much comment and debate in the ICT world, some comments being so misleading that their... Read More
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