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Connection Telecom, the leading cloud-based PBX/call centre provider, has acquired FatBudgie, itself a cloud PBX provider for business and a market leader in the SME/SOHO segment. David Meintjes, Connection Telecom MD, says the transaction... Read More
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Let's talk turkey! There are loads of reasons to upgrade your PBX system to the cloud, not least of which is the fact that you can save money by turning to Fat Budgie Cloud PBX and VOIP. The rates are competitive and so is the service. Your calls... Read More
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Cloud PBX is an affordable and less risky way to keep businesses connected, says Sacha Matulovich, CEO of Fat Budgie.  Times are a bit tough for many businesses these days, which is why cost-cutting and avoiding long-term liabilities have become a... Read More
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Do you remember a time when you had to send a letter to communicate with someone? Probably not. But before Alexander Graham Bell had the notion that we didn't necessarily have to put pen to paper to get a point across the country, never mind the... Read More
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Chief Operations Officer of Fat Budgie cloud PBX solutions, John Woollam has been in the office automation and PABX industry for over 10 years and has since realised to what extent clients are ?indoctrinated? when being told of the merits of PBX and... Read More
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In the current economic climate, and with customers more willing than ever to shop around for products or services, first impressions have never been more important. Today a missed call could mean a missed customer, and losing a call in the office... Read More
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