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This article was originally published on BusinessTech Moving your business’s communications to the cloud offers exceptional opportunities, including cost savings, voice authentication, transcription, and sentiment analysis. Many businesses are,... Read More
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This article was originally published on BusinessTech Video conferencing has many advantages for a business, including improved collaboration between teams and saving on travel costs for meetings. It is a powerful tool which can improve... Read More
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This article was originally published on BusinessTech Connection Telecom CEO David Meintjes has underlined the importance of capitalising on the cloud, and the potential impact of emerging technologies on traditional networks in South Africa.... Read More
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This article was originally published on ITWeb Read more at source. South African public cloud communication solutions provider Connection Telecom has acquired 51% of shares in Analog and Digital Communications (AnD), an independent provider of... Read More
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This article was originally published on BusinessTech Connection Telecom is offering South African businesses the latest voice and Internet products, which can significantly reduce their telecommunications costs. Connection Telecom is South Africa?... Read More
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This article was originally published on IT-Online Everywhere, businesses are wrestling with how to offer an omnichannel experience to their customers. But in pursuing digital customer strategies, many companies often try to run before they learn... Read More
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This article was originally published on IT-Online So you?ve made the decision to go fibre. But why is that an important step for your business, and what now? Fibre broadband is the transference of data over thin glass fibres, using light.The... Read More
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Four ways in which companies are fettering away valuable income and commercial opportunity on legacy telecommunication systems It?s highly likely that your company is flushing thousands of rand down the drain or rather into telecoms providers?... Read More
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Connection Telecom, South Africa?s foremost cloud-based communications provider (PBX and Call Centres), has appointed ConnectNet, the country?s leading payment communication provider, to take its offering to ConnectNet?s extensive retail client... Read More
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Telephony has always been a function of a dedicated instrument ? and later, a purpose-built console ? from the crank phone to the cellphone and right through to the SIP softphone client on your smart device. Even the click-to-call function on... Read More
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Enterprise telephony market research reveals that Internet Protocol-enabled PBXs are now out-selling analogue PBXs 5 to 1. The BMI-T report on the South African PBX and emerging voice technologies market, released in June 2015, confirms that the... Read More
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Connection Telecom, South Africa’s leading cloud-based PBX provider, owes much of its success and customer value to a hosting arrangement with Teraco, Africa’s largest and only vendor neutral data centre provider. World-class MD Dave Meintjes says... Read More
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Connection Telecom has successfully concluded its first internship programme, resulting in the internal placement of two candidates. The company expresses pride in “a small but significant contribution”, having not only created a career for lesser... Read More
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WebRTC is revolutionising video conferencing. This communication tool is leaving the boardroom and is now accessible from smart devices. Telecoms providers, such as Connection Telecom, are getting in on the act by adding visual communications to... Read More
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For all the talk about unified communications (UC), few companies have delivered a truly connected platform and ecosystem with real business benefit. Cloud-based PBX provider, Connection Telecom is here to change all that with its Telviva business... Read More
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As a small business owner be aware of the pros and cons of a site-based PBX versus a hosted PBX and how each solution addresses your requirements. Do you require flexibility to scale your business telecoms up and down and can you afford to be... Read More
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“Imagine phoning a call centre and they know who you are before you announce yourself, including your previous service history and social media comments about them. Why don’t more companies have such a deep understanding of their customers? Zendesk... Read More
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Connection Telecom has moved into a second data centre in The Great Westerford, Newlands, Cape Town, mirroring its primary hosted platform in Gauteng for unmatched service assurance, performance and value. CEO Dave Meintjes says the move to dual... Read More
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Voice over IP (VOIP) is now widely adopted in the enterprise, and Asterisk, the open source software (OSS) telephony application, dominates this market. Hence, the 11th annual AstriCon conference, held in Las Vegas recently, was very much a big... Read More
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Connection Telecom, the pioneering leader of enterprise voice over IP (VOIP) communications, celebrates a decade in business this month. Growth with the market From a standing start in 2004, the company took the lead in the key hosted segment of... Read More
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