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This article was originally published on ITNewsAfrica Collaboration is often cited as a key pillar of Digital Transformation ? as employees work together to achieve an organisation?s digital vision, the need for streamlined and agile communication... Read More
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This article was originally published on BusinessTech BCX chief executive officer Ian Russell has announced that he will be resigning from the company. In an email sent to BCX employees on Friday, Russell said that he was taking the ?difficult... Read More
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Unlisted technology firm Business Connexion (BCX) is working tirelessly with its parent company, Telkom ? South Africa?s biggest fixed-line telephone group, to develop converged products and launch them onto market in three to four months? time.  ... Read More
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Business Connexion has warned that an extraordinary effort is needed to overcome its challenges, which will see various cost-cutting initiatives implemented at the company. Business Connexion (BCX) has asked staff for an ?extraordinary effort? to... Read More
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After a bid takeover lasting 816 days, Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko expects the company to operate as anintegrated entity with Business Connexion (BCX) as of 1 September. Maseko made the comments at a Telkom/BCX media briefing yesterday, where he said... Read More
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Tim Modise interviews the CEO of BCX Mr Isaac Mophatlane on the Telkom takeover, BEE and State Owned Enterprises missing the opportunity to grow and develop black business leaders. He says business is a long game and South Africa needs young... Read More
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As the cloud continues to integrate all forms of information technology, more businesses are seeking unified communications services. In response to this demand, Business Connexion (BCX) is launching a hosted voice network that offers a complete... Read More
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