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New communications and collaboration hub to give service providers a way to add value to UC suites, better compete against Microsoft Office 365. Cloud provider BroadSoft earlier this week announced a new initiative, called Project Tempo, through... Read More
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Two former Internet Solutions innovation managers have brought the WAN optimisation service Aryaka to South Africa. Former Internet Solutions Innovation & Technology Manager Brett Steingo and Product Architect Hector Beyers have brought the ... Read More
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Gateways have become very popular for reaping the benifits of VOIP without the investment of a full IP platform. Comercial VOIP gateways predominaty run SIP G729,not IAX2 so for high call density, 28 calls 256Kbs we use ViBE or IAX2. To build an... Read More
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According to physicist Sir Isaac Newton, space is absolute, meaning it exists permanently and freely. Newton obviously never tried to unsuccessfully Stuff 25+ simultaneous calls down a ADSL. Yet again today the question was asked of me, how many... Read More
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Anyone had any experience with the new Venturi Codec claiming to offer 50 : 1 compression? http://www.chazzstudios.com/ I am aware of other compression methods (ViBE as an example) on offer, but the above doesnt seem to be commercial as yet? Cheers... Read More
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