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AudioCodes Voice.AI Voca Solutions – the Fast Lane to Enterprise Voice Recognition

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This article was originally published on TelecomReseller

It’s probably fair to say that, for the previous 10 years or so, the accuracy of voice recognition technology often left a lot to be desired. But the growth of AI-based voice recognition has changed the game, taking the hit-and-miss element right out of the equation. Now that the human parity point – where the technology is at the same level as the human ear – has been reached, you can feel much more confident that voice recognition will actually work.

I recently took part in a podcast that discusses exactly this subject.

As you’re no doubt aware, the voice recognition market is currently boiling. On the consumer front, there’s Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. And, as this article points out, smart speaker ownership in the USA has risen by 40% in 2018 to 66.4 million, with a total of 133 million smart speakers in use. According to the sales data, 26.2% of adults in the USA now own a smart speaker. This growth in smart speaker ownership is subsequently driving the use of voice assistants on smartphones.

This trend is visible in the workplace, too. A survey of IT professionals conducted by Pindrop recently found that the number of businesses using voice technology to interact with their customers is expected to jump from 28% to 85% over the coming year. In addition, Gartner anticipates that 25% of digital workers will routinely use virtual employee assistants by 2021, a massive leap from the 2019 figure of less than 2%.

However, along with these advances come the inevitable challenges. Security is a major one. Did you know that Amazon employs thousands of people worldwide to listen to conversations overheard by Alexa? Well, they do – as part of their efforts to optimize Alexa’s understanding of human speech. There are also concerns around data ownership. Who ultimately owns recorded speech?

An even more fundamental issue is that of data integration. It’s all very well and good that voice recognition engines can understand speech, but what if they can’t easily action what they hear? To provide an acceptable level of service, it’s imperative to connect them to the right third-party management systems, whether they are CRM, ERP, billing applications or project management systems.

The bottom line, as always, is that simplicity is the key. In other words, voice recognition technology works best when it’s trying to do simple tasks that are well-defined and well-structured. Taking Alexa as an example again, recent research has shown that most people ask their devices fairly simple questions. The most popular uses of smart speakers are to play music and listen to the weather and the news.

We at AudioCodes have embraced simplicity as a guiding principle. Our off-the-shelf, plug and play Voca solutions are built strictly around the “keep it simple” motto, delivering on AI’s promise of freeing workers from everyday routine tasks to focus on more complex and profitable work instead.

VocaNOM is an intuitive internal communication solution for medium to large enterprises that enables employees to interact with one another using their voice alone, simply by saying a contact’s name. It seamlessly integrates with AudioCodes’ executive IP phones and can be deployed easily over any PBX or IVR.

VocaONE is an easy-to-use voice-driven calling assistant that enables organizations, public institutions and retailers to handle thousands of calls each day. It provides callers with an “always on” 24/7 calling solution that dramatically improves customer experience and satisfaction while significantly reducing costs associated with customer service.

In fact, it’s safe to say that these two products prove that keeping it simple really does put you on the fast lane to enterprise voice recognition success. Why don’t you join us for the trip?


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