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Jasco Electronics Holdings has completed the acquisition of ARC Telecoms, a converged voice and IP data telecommunications service provider specialising in the small medium enterprise (SME) sector of South Africa, for an undisclosed amount. The... Read More
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ARC Telecoms has committed to open peering by establishing a connection at NAPAfrica, becoming the first business-focused telecoms company in South Africa to actively back this initiative. Open peering at NAPAfrica allows Internet users ? especially... Read More
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ARC Telecoms has introduced a zero-rated bandwidth offering called After Hours to all customers. It?s a value added service which gives customers unlimited free bandwidth between 10pm and 6am, seven days a week. ?This offering forms part of our... Read More
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ARC Telecoms, a provider of data and voice networking solutions to small and medium enterprises, welcomes Andrew Springate as its new board chairman. Springate has a long track record of building successful telecommunications businesses, from start-... Read More
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SME-focused ISP, ARC Telecoms, extends its enterprise offerings for small businesses by adding co-location in Teraco's vendor-neutral data centre in Isando. Customers can now place their servers in ARC's cabinets and benefit from the... Read More
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Telecommunication in emerging markets is massive and remains a key growth area the in light of recent shrinking values in other industries. Matthew Guest of accounting firm Deloitte says there is ?plenty of opportunity,? while warning that are ?too... Read More
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ARC Telecoms has made the first move in the South African voice over Internet environment to remove the 'hidden cost' of VOIP ? the bandwidth fee for carrying the encoded voice over the data network. Until now, VOIP providers charged the... Read More
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ARC Telecoms is bridging the gap between fibre network nodes and midsize businesses wanting access to them by creating a community fibre access point with point-to-point microwave to connect the last mile ? two kilometres. The service saw its... Read More
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While kilometers of fibre are being laid every day, midsize businesses get little sight of it. ARC Telecoms changes that with Community Connect. ARC Telecoms is bridging the gap between fibre network nodes and the midsize businesses wanting access... Read More
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