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An affidavit from a former Nashua Communications employee forms a cornerstone of AppChat founder John Holdsworth?s legal defence against a contempt of court application brought by Reunert, which wants him imprisoned or fined. By Duncan McLeod. The... Read More
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Reunert has filed papers at the high court against AppChat founder John Holdsworth, in which it has asked that he be fined or jailed for contempt of court. At the same time, Holdsworth has levelled sensational new allegations against the JSE-listed... Read More
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The former ECN Telecommunications CEO has filed to have AppChat, the company he had hoped to launch to compete with South Africa?s mobile operators, placed into liquidation as his legal battle with Reunert drags on. By Duncan McLeod. John Holdsworth... Read More
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Mobile termination rates should be as low as 10 cents to 15 cents according to John Holdsworth, AppChat founder and CEO. Mobile termination rates dropped to R0.40 on 01 March 2013, the third cut since the Wholesale Voice Call Termination Regulations... Read More
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AppChat founder and CEO, John Holdsworth says he has ?smoking gun? evidence to prove that JSE-listed company, Reunert misled the court in order to enforce a restraint of trade against the start-up. Reunert originally brought an application in March... Read More
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Andy Openshaw, MD at Nashua Communications has defended JSE-listed ICT company Reunert?s court record against start-up AppChat, saying that the company is ?comfortable? with its case against founder John Holdsworth. It follows accusations that... Read More
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The AppChat founder has been granted leave to appeal by the supreme court of appeal in Bloemfontein in his ongoing battle with Reunert and, at the same time, has accused the JSE-listed group of ?committing a fraud? on the high court. By Duncan... Read More
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John Holdsworth, founder and chief executive of start-up AppChat, says he is ready to deplete his financial resources in a legal battle with former employer, Reunert, and will petition the Supreme Court of Appeal in Bloemfontein after his latest... Read More
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AppChat founder John Holdsworth has been denied leave to appeal a judgment against him and in favour of JSE-listed Reunert, but he has vowed to take the matter directly to the supreme court. By Craig Wilson. AppChat founder John Holdsworth has been... Read More
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AppChat CEO John Holdsworth has attacked mobile operators, saying their pricing practices amount to ?robbery?. By Craig Wilson. Outspoken AppChat founder John Holdsworth has challenged SA?s incumbent mobile operators to do away with peak and off-... Read More
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The AppChat founder says he is studying the judgment but doesn't believe it will stop him from launching his new business. By Duncan McLeod. AppChat founder and former Nashua ECN CEO John Holdsworth has lost a high court battle with ECN parent... Read More
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The service will target the high end of the market and will be launched commercially in mid-February next year following a pilot phase. By Duncan McLeod. AppChat, the up-start mobile virtual network operator and voice and data provider headed up by... Read More
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The case between Reunert and AppChat has been postponed to August due to the unavailability of judges, Reunert has said. In late March, Reunert instituted proceedings against former employee and founder of AppChat, John Holdsworth, seeking to... Read More
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AppChat founder, John Holdsworth advises people to buckle up, ?because, between Cell C and AppChat, consumers are in for a heck of a ride in the next couple of years?. This came after Cell C and Vodacom slashed their prepaid call rates to 99 cents a... Read More
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AppChat founder John Holdsworth has fired back at Reunert and its subsidiary Nashua ECN, of which he is founder and former CEO, accusing the JSE-listed group of using a lawsuit against him and his new company as an attempt to ?prevent fair... Read More
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The legal battle between Reunert and John Holdsworth, and his new company AppChat, took a dramatic turn in the high court in Pretoria on Tuesday. The court ruled that AppChat and Holdsworth, who is the former CEO of Reunert subsidiary ECN... Read More
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JSE-listed electronics giant Reunert is suing former employee John Holdsworth and his start-up mobile offering, AppChat, over an alleged breach of contract. Reunert wants to stop Holdsworth from launching the new offering, which is set to disrupt... Read More
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AppChat, the mobile voice specialist founded recently by former ECN Telecommunications CEO John Holdsworth, will launch a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) later this year, TechCentral has learnt exclusively. The company is promising, in the... Read More
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