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This article was originally published on Tenfold One of the key features of Salesforce CRM is the configurability of its company performance dashboard. Do it correctly and you see the salesforce metrics that are most important to your business.... Read More
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Until recently, the wireless sector of the telecoms market prioritised the performance increase in base stations and subscriber terminals. Today, however, there has been a shift with research and development (R&D) teams focusing primarily on... Read More
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Paratus Telecom, the largest privately owned Pan African telecoms operator, has invested more than R20m in its fibre network in Windhoek and is fast expanding. As part of its fibre expansion programme, Paratus Telecom plans to invest a total of... Read More
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Cyber criminals are always on the prowl, analysing online behaviour of users and looking for new opportunities to infect computers. Ransomware is the latest malicious threat that infects computers and blocks access to data until a ransom is paid... Read More
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Over the years, business intelligence (BI) has helped tens of thousands of enterprises gain a better understanding of the gaps and opportunities in their markets and organisational make-up. Nevertheless, it has been slow to permeate throughout... Read More
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Orange Business Services is strengthening its hybrid network offering with software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technology from its partner Riverbed Technology. The new solution will enable Orange customers to simplify the management of... Read More
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IT assets containing personal and sensitive information are not always regarded as a high priority even though they contain significant security risks when upgrades are done and old devices are replaced. Secure and responsible IT Asset Disposition... Read More
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Modern video-based telematics will not only ensure reduced time to settle insurance claims, but fleet owners can now increase driver productivity, reduce fuel theft and increase load frequency with faster turnaround times.   A study by the US... Read More
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Brands across the globe are leaping at the opportunity to make use of new technology and mediums to showcase their products and services. Augmented and virtual reality, gamification, animation and high-end 3D content allow consumers and clients to... Read More
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Tellumat Integrated Services (TIS), a full turnkey ICT infrastructure provider, uniquely offers a complete range of solutions throughout the value cycle, giving its telco and corporate customers a low-risk, cost-effective and convenient single... Read More
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The ITWeb Business Intelligence (BI) Summit 2017 set to take place in Johannesburg, 14 & 15 March, will see Cape Town Branch Manager and Expert Services Lead Adam Barrie-Smith at SA Qlik MasterReseller reveal three distinctive and challenging... Read More
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High speed Internet similar to that of fibre is now available in areas where fibre is not available. Offering the best of fibre and wireless, Paratus Telecom can now connect its customers with speeds from 2Mbps to 1Gbps.   Paratus Communication... Read More
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Africa has caught the attention of those in the ever-evolving crowdfunding sector. A recent report published by the University of Cambridge Judge Business School analyses the current position of Africa on the world?s alternative finance stage.  ... Read More
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Local cloud ERP specialist One Channel has partnered with Acronis Backup Cloud to provide customers with the world?s fastest and most complete hybrid cloud backup solutions. This is part of One Channel's strategy to introduce a range of... Read More
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White Label Crowdfunding (WLCF), a UK-based Software as a Service company that creates, launches and hosts crowdfunding platforms, has announced that it will be collaborating with Africa-based technology company Khonology as part of its global... Read More
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Riverbed SteelFusion surpasses 1,000 customers and delivers more flexibility to help IT organisations manage the complexity of hybrid cloud architectures Riverbed Technology today announced Riverbed? SteelFusion? 5.0, which includes new support of... Read More
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As organisations strive to become more data-driven, the challenge is to give more organisational role players access to the data they need at the point of decision-making. Unfortunately, this is where traditional business intelligence (BI)... Read More
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Paratus Telecom, the largest privately owned Pan African telecoms operator, has now also appointed Stefan de Bruin as its Chief Financial Officer for the Group to help grow the business across the African continent.   De Bruin is responsible for... Read More
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Fueled by recent acquisition of Idevio, Qlik GeoAnalytics provides powerful map visualisation and location-based analytics Qlik?, a leader in visual analytics, today announced that it has been rated the top Location Intelligence offering in the... Read More
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Paratus Telecom, the largest privately owned Pan African telecoms operator, has started rolling out its Paratus Communication Service throughout South Africa. It now offers connectivity that provides the same performance and reliability to that of... Read More
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