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What to do while waiting for 5G

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Preparing for 5G means reimagining organisations around more flexible and democratic ways of working.

Brace yourself. You’re going to be hearing about 5G for a while until you’ll actually get to enjoy the benefits. You might become bored or frustrated, but whatever you do, don’t underestimate it.

Don’t make the mistake that many do, seeing it as an incremental increase in speed like going from 3G to 4G. The numbers we’re talking about – 1 000 times the capacity of 4G and 100 times the speed and devices able to be connected – will have a huge impact on society.

Imagine a small village going from having only horse-drawn carts to sports cars for all. It’s not just a faster way of getting around, it’s a game-changer. It’s easier to do business further away when you don’t have to worry about your fish or vegetables going bad before you have a chance to sell them. And the greater exposure to other places, people and ways of life means you’re not stuck doing things one way because you don’t know any better.

But just as you have greater options than ever before, so does everyone else. So even if you’re content to sell the same wares in the same corner of the local market that you always have, that doesn’t mean your customers feel the same.

Of course, you can’t go from cart to sports car overnight; you need tarred roads, petrol stations, new traffic laws and more. You need to learn to drive and rethink your business strategy to account for the fact that everyone has cars now.

That’s the scenario we’re facing with 5G. It isn’t just a simple upgrade to connectivity speeds that you can implement once it’s commercially available. The increase in capacity and efficiency is going to open up more opportunities than we’re able to comprehend right now, and no-one will be left untouched.

What happens when every South African is able to enjoy unfettered, blazingly-fast Internet – true always-on connectivity? Suddenly, every single one of your employees, customers, suppliers, stakeholders – you name it – has access to a whole world of opportunities, and the changing perspectives and expectations that come with that.

How prepared are you for that monumental shift in thinking?


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