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By Jed Hewson, joint-CEO and co-founder of 1Stream At the end of any year, it is wise to look forward to the year ahead, and to use the knowledge gleaned from the previous year to predict some of the business trends and influences that will impact... Read More
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The economic climate in South Africa can be comfortably described as volatile and, finding ways to entice new customers has never been more important. The cost of capturing customer attention in an already crowded market space is challenging as... Read More
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The tools that enable a rapid response to customers are the key to improved sales. Speed of response is the first step to getting and keeping customers in a highly competitive and cluttered online environment. Contact centres play a pivotal role in... Read More
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This article was originally published on MyBroadband Typically, call centres are primarily focused on handling calls in a timely manner and maintaining great customer service. ?The assumption is that if you answer the query quickly enough then the... Read More
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According to a recent KPMG analysis, growth and technology are two of the biggest challenges affecting the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with 70% finding that technology has the biggest impact on their roles. They are expected to research ingenuity... Read More
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This article was originally published on MyBroadband Without computer telephony integration (CTI), your call centre agents simply don?t know enough about your clients to be truly productive. In the era of ?big data?, customers expect that the... Read More
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By Michelle Osmond, 1Stream In the movie Big Hero 6, the inflatable Baymax robot is a healthcare companion who can diagnose and suggest treatment based on the 10,000 medical procedures he has learnt, all within a two-second body scan. So, how far... Read More
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By Jed Hewson, co-founder and joint CEO of 1Stream Rapidly developing technologies and the need to integrate customer services across all channels has significantly changed the contact centre space in the last few years. Regardless of the... Read More
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This article was originally published on MyBroadband As cloud solutions have increasingly become the solution of choice, many contact centres are taking the leap from on-site hardware to innovative, scalable, and resilient cloud-based contact... Read More
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By Bruce von Maltitz, Co-founder and Joint CEO, 1Stream The fourth industrial revolution is reshaping businesses and the global economy. While previous industrial revolutions moved at a linear pace, the fourth is leveraging digital developments and... Read More
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By Jed Hewson, Co-founder and Joint CEO, 1Stream A company?s helpdesk has a very important role to play in the business. It is the first - and often only - point of contact for answering users? questions. Today, an increasing focus is being put on... Read More
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There is a growing repository of literature focussed on the challenges that businesses face when dealing with the millennial generation - whether as consumers or employees. While adapting to the changing demands and trends that come with each new... Read More
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Cloud technology is no longer the new kid on the block. It has slowly and steadily infiltrated almost all aspects of our lives, from personal device storage to large-scale enterprise management systems, bringing with it convenience, but more... Read More
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2016, a year that garnered endless negative press, brought significant economic and political upheaval, both in South Africa and internationally. And while these challenges put the local market under severe pressure, with many businesses being... Read More
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Contact centres need all the help they can get during the busy peak season, and gamification could be the answer, says Bruce von Maltitz, contact centre technology expert and co-founder of 1Stream.  Business contact centres are often the first port... Read More
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As businesses, both large and small, become more digital and move into the world of online, the modern call centre is often the initial, and in some cases the single point of customer contact. But to ensure contact centre agents are equipped to... Read More
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With more customers owning smart mobile devices, companies are facing an ever-increasing need to communicate and respond to customers using channels, other than a simple voice call. While voice is still the preferred channel, most call centres are... Read More
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As with most other industries, education and academia is fast being transformed by the rapid shift to online mechanisms of consumption and delivery. The ways in which educational institutions manage their communications and service delivery are in... Read More
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Customers are increasingly taking to social media to look for support or lodge complaints. Most businesses today understand this about customer behaviour, but many take a siloed approach to managing social media enquiries, giving the job to a... Read More
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Why Choosing the Right Cloud Provider Requires a Critical Approach Earlier this year, Goldman Sachs released a study which projected that spending on cloud computing infrastructure and platforms will grow at a 30% compound annual growth rate from... Read More
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