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Wireless Africa

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Since 31st May 2007 Wireless Africa have engaged their efforts in securing leases to use almost 100% of the South African billboard market estimated to be approximately ±15000 billboards, ±5000 street poles and ±260 buildings, strategically positioned throughout the country of South Africa.

Adriaan Stander & Jan Steyn, Founders of Wireless Africa, identified an opportunity to utilize billboards as hosting structures for technology that is required to service wireless internet and communication application equipment. Standard practice involves the erection of costly masts that are used to house equipment necessary to send and receive wireless signals.

Mr. Stander & Mr. Steyn correctly reasoned that the cost of erecting masts that are necessary to host technology that delivers communication signals was exorbitant. Apart from the cost to erect masts, being approximately R57 000 - R500 000, a cost of R57 500 is incurred as a compulsory “Environmental Impact Assessment” (EIA) required before construction can commence.

The idea was borne to offer billboards as an alternative to costly and time consuming erection of masts. Telkom, the biggest provider, instructed their actuaries to perform a comparative cost analysis, Vis a vie, construction of masts or rental of already erected billboards that have complied with EIA requirements. The study confirmed that billboard rental proved more cost effective. Wireless Africa is positioned as the only supplier of billboards as an alternative to erection of costly transmitting masts.

Wireless Africa approached the major service providers offering billboards as technology hosts and an alternative to the costly and time consuming norm of erecting masts. Needless to say, the response was overwhelming and the interest expressed represents the Intellectual Property of Wireless Africa.