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Teleforge delivers proprietary voice over Internet telephony integrated with popular CRM systems for inbound and outbound Call Centres as well as large corporates. Clear reliable calls at lowest possible cost are standard with Teleforge systems, however Teleforge has progressed beyond the basics with proprietary optimisation tools that dramatically increase call volumes and tools that manage and measure every aspect of the call centre environment.

Enterprise Grade

Teleforge offers an enterprise grade digital voice solution (PBX) that has all of the features found in enterprise grade PABX such as Avaya and Cisco and much more at a fraction of the cost.

Digital technology

Teleforge uses a fully digital system from customer premises to our servers that provides not only much higher quality conversations but also a drastically reduced monthly invoice.

Top quality voice

Teleforge uses a highly optimised routing and CODEC method to ensure that calls are crystal clear and without delay.

Number for life

Teleforge offers our customers the choice of geographical (012, 014, etc.) numbers or nongeographical numbers (087). Your number travels with you wherever you go, thus eliminating the need to apply for new numbers should the premises change or even move to another city. Numbers from other regions can also be added to the same PBX.

Unlimited concurrent calls

Teleforge allows unlimited simultaneous calls per PBX. The only limiting factor will be your connection speed, hardware capability of the chosen server and number of phones on the netw