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Screamer Telecoms

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Screamer Telecoms

087 940 6800
21 Watershed Close, Louwlardia, Centurion

Screamer Telecoms delivers the highest quality connectivity solutions with unsurpassed service.

Redundant business connections ranging from 1Mb - 130 Mb available anywhere in South Africa.

We understand that corporate connectivity requirements are diverse, therefore our skilled corporate division meticulously asses each individual client's needs to ensure the most reliable and economical bespoke solution is provided via our independent state-of-the-art wireless network.


A corporate consultant will assess your connectivity requirements to ensure the most reliable and economical bespoke solution is proposed.

Services offered, but not limited to:

?Dedicated high-speed / high-capacity broadband (alternative to Diginet, Metro-E and ATM)

? Point-to-Point ? VPN

? Telephone call connectivity and virtual PABX systems

For a professional consultation, please call 087 940 6800 or email: corporate@screamer.co.za


Wireless Coverage: We have an extensive national backbone network and based on demand, can install links within 10 working days. Depending on the contract, we will build network in order to connect a client within 300km radius of a POP within 30 days. There are no protracted delays after requesting a connection.

Installation Protocols: The connection of our clients and their branches onto our core network is achieved by providing a ?wireless customer premises connectivity modem? which can be installed within 90 minutes. For heavier users, a microwave link may be required which can be installed within 72 hours.

Fast & Reliable: A wireless solution is faster to install than traditional landlines. If there is a need for connectivity in a temporary location or premise change, you have the flexibility to relocate quickly, easily and most importantly, reliably.

Security: With a Screamer solution you can leverage your existing security infrastructure as well as choose from a number of connectivity options. The connectivity options provide flexible security configurations, thus providing wireless enabled locals reliable network-to-network connections to your enterprise.

Economical: Wireless connectivity is less expensive to deploy and maintain than alternative fixed wire solutions this resulting in a lower usage cost to you.