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QC Solutions (Pty) Ltd

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QC Solutions (Pty) Ltd

087 742 2500
50 Kremetart Road Val-de-Grace Pretoria South Africa, 0184

QC Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a privately owned company established in 2001 in South Africa. We consist of developers, graphics designer experts and hardware specialists, boasting with a wide variety of languages, packages and platform knowledge delivering scalable robust solutions to a wide variety of clients in South Africa. All employees are experts in their fields with many years permanent employment experience at previous companies before creating our own company.

Most of our projects are in the GIS, call centre and financial sectors. Solutions rage from GSM and vehicle tracking to private and government call centers. We do web development, enterprise development, PDA development, client server development etc.

QC Solutions was created with software development in mind and with a mission of lowering our clients I.T. cost. Originally a closed corporation we changed to a proprietary limited company in 2005. Growing from strength to strength the last 11 year we believe in “keeping it small” and creating and informal environment for employees. This belief has served us well proven by our notoriety in various fields.