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PlusComs is a Cloud-hosted Call Center & PABX Systems service provider offering cloud telephony solutions to the South African market. By moving your infrastructure to the cloud, you will remove the high costs of purchasing and maintaining in-house hardware.

We are a Cloud-hosted Call Center & PABX Systems Service Provider that offers reliable call center solutions and PABX solutions, customized to meet the unique communications needs of each business. Our services carry a minimal setup cost and can be provisioned within a few hours.

Selecting the right Cloud-hosted Call Center & PABX Systems service provider is important because your business is dependent on it?s phone system. You?ll never have to worry about purchasing expensive hardware again and getting stuck with the wrong system will not be a risk anymore.

  • PlusComs provides a comprehensive Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) platform for delivering a range of IT services from the Cloud and is built with leading brands from around the world.
  • PlusComs Software Defined Data Centre is a unified and integrated platform that provides superior automation, flexibility, and efficiency to transform the way we deliver cloud services.
  • PlusComs offers connectivity through Broadband, Diginet, Fibre, LTE and Wireless. PlusComs aggregates its connectivity, allowing it to offer cost effective pricing through economies of scale, and to offer a massive infrastructure footprint covering 98% of South Africa.
  • PlusComs has partnered with leading hardware providers to deliver an infrastructure solution that is first class, resilient, secure, competitive and most importantly, promotes business growth.