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Paverd Consultancy aims to provide complete peace of mind to our customers by reducing the complexity and the total cost of ownership of IT infrastructure, through providing quality strategies, support, training and documentation, allowing clients to focus solely on their core business.

IT and Small Business

The role of IT in small business is becoming even more vital with smaller businesses being the least able to afford a full time IT professional to not only handle issues as they arise, but to also assist in the planning of future IT needs.

The result is that IT purchases do not form part of an overall strategy and maintenance takes place on a crisis basis. Only when something has broken is someone called in.

Most support companies work on a call-out basis, when called out they deal with the issue at hand only. In other words it is not in their interests to prevent issues arising as they are effectively reducing their income. We form partnerships with companies and through the use of support contracts, it is in our best interest to ensure that preventative maintenance takes place, thus ensuring that your IT is more reliable.