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Pan IP Western Cape

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Pan IP Western Cape

010 010 5099
3 Tijger Park, 55 Wille van Schoor Street, Bellville

The Directors of PanIP have accumulative telecoms experience of more that 60 years, and have been successfully managing telecoms companies across South Africa for the last 15 years. Over the years they have  earned a number of Panasonic Telecoms excellence awards.

The vision of PanIP is to be the foremost technologically advanced service provider; out aim is to reduce the cost of doing business by enhancing the operational efficiencies of companies through the optimal use of advanced communications technologies.

PanIP  is proud to offer our clients an alternative to your current and traditional telecoms connectivity whilst ensuring a saving of up to 40% on ALL your telecoms expenditure. The convergence of voice and data is the backbone of this new technology and it is around this core that PanIP centres itself.

In today?s ICT environment change is not an option but inevitable. PanIP has grasped this pilosophy and has emerged as a dynamic entity in the ICT environment. Our strength lies in understanding the full spectrum of information communication technology ensuring that our clients benefit from the wealth of experience and knowledge PanIP has in this market.