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Otel Telecoms

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Otel Telecoms

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234 Glover Avenue Block D18, Waterford Court Lyttelton,Centurion 0140

Otel is an end- to- end, licensed information and communications technology (ICT) company. Because  we understand that ICT technology is vital to keeping your customers and employees happy which in turn has a direct impact on your business success in today?s ultra-competitive environment, we specialize in providing you with top quality broadband, voice as well as cloud based services and related ICT equipment.

What makes us unique is that we are an end ? to ? end provider which means that when you deal with us we own and manage your whole telecoms and Broadband infrastructure. We have proven methods that not only make it easy for our customers to understand and use our services but it also enables us to offer you high speed internet that is up to 20 times faster then your average ADSL or 3G connection as well as high quality voice services that are up to 50% cheaper then your current provider. We are therefore able to offer you superior value, increase productivity, save money and boost your company profit.