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MyVoip Communication (Pty) Ltd

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MyVoip Communication (Pty) Ltd

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8 Murray Rd, Kiblerpark, Johannesburg

MyVoip is a technology company which specializes in providing end to end software development, integration and BPM solutions. By combining functional expertise, best practices, development and architectural frameworks, development and implementation methodologies, and product expertise we are able to provide solutions that work for our customers.

Our areas of expertise include Software development, SOA, Integration and BPM. We support a wide range of integration platforms including but not limited to Oracle SOA Suite(Oracle Fusion), Sun JCAPS, IBM Datapower, JBoss, OpenESB,  etc

We have extensive experience on Metastorm BPM 7.6, Metastorm BPM V9, Opentext MBPM 9.2, BonitaSoft BPM, jBPM6 and Oracle Fusion BPM.

Since 2005, MyVoip Communication (Pty) Ltd. has been providing superior telephony & broadband solutions to a broad range of companies. Our current client base consists of small and large enterprises, including call centres and multi-branch operations. Growing strongly, the size of our client list is testimony to the value our services offer. We are a licensed, Tier 1 Telecommunications Service Provider and thus operate independently. We understand that businesses operate in an ever-changing environment. In order to cater for your specific business and communication requirements, we offer flexible and feature rich IP telephony solutions. This includes IP-based communications, voice termination, wireless and fibre solutions.