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ISP Solutions is changing the way we communicate. We let users enjoy free calls with any friend wherever they are!  Plus, with ISP Solutions users can make calls to regular land line & mobile phone numbers worldwide from 16c/min on their mobile phones or from home or small office using your regular phones. Our solutions uses the Internet connection to place calls for all major Smart phones & tablets (including iPhone/ iPod touch/iPad, Android and Nokia), on any mobile operator, and any mobile Internet connection (3G/4G, Wi-Fi) and also through your ADSL and other data connection. ISP Solutions is growing exponentially  adding more new Smart phone users every month. With big backbone  reliable companies at our side we are able to give you the best at the best price guaranteed.

We understand the imperative under which telephony places real time stress on business and the ever present challenges it presents to deploy state of the art solutions to improve overall voice and other media communication, staff productivity and general efficiency. We believe that the combination of skills, approach and experience makes our team at ISP Solutions uniquely qualified to meet the customer’s needs for a strategic improvement program that will offer improved services and reliable support.

We employ the best individuals from across the IT and internet sectors. Our team of professionals understand how technology can be applied to make a real difference. ISP Solutions is answering market demand for reliable, affordable and robust IP solutions harnessing the most important key points on demand today.

Say goodbye to high costs for conventional telecommunications systems. Don't pay double for telecom and Internet services.

Say hello to low cost calling from us. We have a branch close to you, enquire today and start  saving allot. Make us your one-stop supplier for broadband ADSL data, ADSL lines, broadband wireless Internet, reliable broadband satellite Internet, affordable Internet calling and all other Internet solutions at truly great prices and superior service.