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Corner of Wellington & Main Road De Ville Centre, Office 101, Durbanville

Interworks is a licensed internet service provider founded in 2006, established in Cape Town with a strong presence in Johannesburg

We boast a bouquet of connectivity solutions, enabling us to accommodate a business?s requirements and budgetary limitations. Fiber, Microwave, A Privately Owned Wireless Network and ADSL options makes this all possible.

We pride ourselves in offering blistering internet speeds, matched only by our world class installation turnaround times.

Interworks has ensured maximum reliability by connecting itself to the best possible backbones in South Africa. With Capacity on SAT3, WACS and Seacom our clients can be assured that the connection will be fast and reliable. State of the art network monitoring systems also ensures 24/7 peace of mind.

A well-established network also opened the door to converged services. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is fully dependent on a reliable, stable internet connections and as we are more than capable of offering that solution, adding telecommunications services was a natural evolution.

Interworks has taken the same philosophy that made it a successful ISP and applied it to its telecommunications division making the overall client experience outstanding.