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Greencom is more than a Broadband Connectivity and Content Solutions company. We?re a team of people dedicated to bringing cost-effective and reliable high-speed broadband services to homes and businesses.

By partnering with best-of-breed providers of IP services such as Internet Access, Email, VoIP, IPTV, Video-on-Demand and gaming, we are able to give you the best value for money. Your experience should exceed your expectations.

We extensively research any area before we start to roll-out services and then create logical precincts and communities in which we know we can deliver the service you?re paying for. Super-fast uncapped services are available and affordable to most and we continue to source the best infrastructure and bandwidth combinations available or we simply create them ourselves.

We provide the average user access to the host of solutions, products and applications that will not only make life easier but more fun. For a glimpse into what the future holds, look for ?A Day Made of Glass? on You Tube, an excellent series from Corning, one of the leading fibre manufacturers.

This philosophy extends to the Business environment as well. In a world where connectivity is becoming increasingly more business critical as we move into the cloud and rely more and more on bandwidth hungry applications and services such as Video Conferencing and Disaster Recovery, Greencom have a suite of products to enable all organisations, from SME?s to large corporations, to access solutions to suit their growing needs.

?No matter what your connectivity requirements are there is a solution right for you. We are proud of our service and are happy to meet with you to discuss your personal or business needs."