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Goldtel Solutions

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13 Simmonds St, Selby, Johannesburg South Africa

Goldtel Industries Pty Ltd was established in 1985 and supplies the communications and solutions sector with hardware and solutions. Our company focus remains the distribution of communications products and solutions via a dedicated dealer network. At GOLDTEL Business IT and communications meet. In this environment business can enjoy the benefits of true convergence. Convergence starts by bringing services together that enables people to collaborate anywhere, anytime using any device and network. Convergence improves productivity, value and convenience by working with ONE solution from ONE services provider.

We have reliable connectivity at our data centre and have access to mobile networks including world class customer premises equipment establishing the foundation for a truly converged solution by converging fixed voice, fixed data, mobile voice and mobile data. It makes excellent business sense to partner with GOLDTEL Business. Innovate your business - enjoy the journey.