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DV8 Group

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DV8 Group

011 312 5200
Hertford Office Park, 90 Bekker Road, Midrand 1686

DV8 Technology Group (DV8) is fledging information and communications technology (ICT) giant that is small enough to be flexible and nimble but operates at a scale that allows it to offer cost-effective cutting-edge solutions. The optimal scale of our business enables us to undercut the competition, which mainly comprises multinational ICT behemoths, while offering the same quality ? and often superior ? products and services. DV8 is a fully black-owned and proudly South African enterprise that recognises Africa as a community of common destiny. The entrepreneurs behind the company draw inspiration from the abounding opportunities in Africa and impact that the ICT sector can have in propelling the economy of the continent forward and consequently improving standards of living.Over the years, we have grown our national footprint and are now exploring a range of opportunities beyond South African borders.