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Duxbury Networking

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Duxbury Networking

+27 11 351 9800
+27 11 646 3079
Block 2 Riviera Office Park, 66 Oxford Road, Riviera 2193

The search for in-depth information about Duxbury Networking, involves understanding our core aims. At Duxbury, we continuously strive to provide world-class hardware, communication solutions and professional services to businesses, through our channel partners.

As a result, we offer a number of highly sought-after brands, unique solutions, and become trusted advisor's to our customers and partners alike. Our specialist knowledge benefits all businesses in many different industry verticals.

In 1984 when Duxbury was established, we begun a journey that would see us gain over 25 years of experience, which we can now proudly offer to our partners and consumers.

We believe that convergence technology is the way of the present and the future and needs to be incorporated into every business.

We make this possible by widely distributing our technology through our access points in Cape Town and Johannesburg. In doing so, we not only power business communications but also offer companies viable, long-term methods of saving costs.