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CM Telecom

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CM Telecom

021 276 1958
3rd Floor, 113 Loop Street Cape Town, 8001

Keeping your customer informed and secured throughout every step in the customer journey - that is how CM becomes a part of people's lives. We are an experienced global mobile services company using platform innovation since 1999.

SIP Trunking:
Calling worldwide at lower costs is now easier with CM's voice over IP solution. Connect your existing PBX / telephony system with our reliable and high quality voice platform.
Phone Numbers:
Whether it be locally or internationally, ensuring you can call your customers is one thing, but enabling them to call you might be even more important for your business.
Voice Campaigns:
Get the flexibility to easily build interactive voice response applications or automated voice marketing campaigns using our reliable Voice API's
We guarantee you?ll reach your audience, whatever the channel. Our platform is stable and 100% reliable.