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Bushguru Wireless Internet Solutions

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Bushguru Wireless Internet Solutions

015 781 1129
56 Tambotie Street, Phalaborwa, 1390

What we do

BushGuru specialises in providing the latest in wireless internet connections. We are the first company in Phalaborwa to provide radio equipment that vastly improves wireless internet connection speed and reliability.

We have extensive experience of data networks and voice networks including the internet. Our top guru, with over thirty years’ experience in the technology industry, has designed data networks for companies such as Motorola and Nokia in the UK and Europe. He’s the guru’s guru.

Why we're different

If you’ve ever been disappointed in your IT support, give us a try. Our aim is to provide excellent service of the kind you don't normally find in Phalaborwa.

Since we’re gurus of all things IT, we can help you with any IT problem - we don't just do networking (although we're particularly brilliant at that). Our years of experience tell us that nothing is impossible: some miracles are just more complicated (or expensive!) than others. Ask and you shall be enlightened...