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What is Airband?

Airband Ltd is a Wireless Internet Service Provider. Airband in South Africa was formed in September 2006. It is modelled on the UK company Airband, which has operated for the last five years. Redmond Peel, the founder of Airband UK is also a majorshareholder and founder of Airband South Africa. The Electronic Communications Act that came into effect on 19 July 2006 has created an opportunity for Airband to provide wireless broadband internet connections.

The wireless technology of Airband uses the open frequency. This has enabled Airband to roll-out their technology without waiting for SA government allocation of frequencies. The technology is a mesh architecture that becomes a stronger solution with more connections. Airband operate under ECNS license number 0222/IECNS/JAN/09 and EO license number 0040ICES/FEB/10.

Who founded Airband?

Airband in the UK was formed by Redmond Peel. It has been running for 8 years and has over 600 customers. In South Africa it was formed by Tim Genders and Redmond Peel and Kiru Subramunier as the technical director. By April 2008 the network had grown to the extent that Des Ramsay of SAI joined as a shareholder.

What are Airband’s goals?

The goal of Airband is to provide corporates and small businesses with robust, reliable, high speed connections to the Internet or other locations. Our key focus is servicing under serviced areas and providing valuable back-up services in the serviced areas.