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7 Barrow Street, Monte Vista, Cape Town

2HCONNEXION is a proud member of a national network of communication partners within South Africa. Our long-standing partnerships with leading global suppliers of selected communication and ICT products enable us to supply truly world-class solutions to the local market.

We are sharing in their global experience and ongoing research and development through close cooperation, extensive training, joint ventures and regular product updates.

Since we often accept customer requirements that present us with significant engineering challenges, we maintain a high ratio of professionally qualified personnel as part of our workforce.

We're focused on four main target markets: Corporate Enterprise, Government, SMME and SOHO markets. The company's telecommunications and IT solutions have been  implemented in more  than  500  top  South  African  companies  and  it  provides solutions, services and maintenance throughout the SADC region.

This enables us to provide extensive consultation facilities and a high level of ongoing support.

Although we comply with all relevant manufacturing and quality standards and are a fully 100% BEE vendors/suppliers, our quality objective is set much higher than compliance alone because we strive for complete and ongoing customer satisfaction.

Our commitment to being the leader in next-generation networks may be challenging and futuristic, but grounded in the reality that we currently have one of the best portfolios of products and technologies in the industry. Leading change has always been our competitive strength. We have transformed and reinvented ourselves countless times, changing from a pioneering telephone vendor supplying primarily the PBX market to one of the leading providers of high-performance, intelligent, value-added Internet and advanced "carrier grade" data networks that provide the quality, scalability and reliability to serve as a new foundation for global communications.