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9 Quick Fibre Benefits

9 Quick Fibre Benefits

The time to move to high speed Fibre connectivity is upon us. Businesses of all sizes stand to benefit from the reliability, uptime and robust connectivity which Fibre can offer.

There are many providers offering Fibre services which can service a diverse client base. The options are vast and you are bound to find a befitting service out in the market.

Here are 9 quick reasons why you should choose fibre connectivity:

  • Most fibre deployments boasts connectivity speeds of up to 1Gbps
  • Operating costs can be reduced as fibre requires alot less maintenance, is not as demanding on electricity, and more far more reliable than copper
  • Fibre has a much lower latency than other forms of connectivity, which will result in improved communication and responses over the link
  • Communications are clearer and more reliable because fibre networks are not affected by electrical interference
  • Unlike copper, fibre will not corrode
  • Physical restrictions will not affect fibre access and speed, and is not impacted by the distance your office is from the switching points
  • Fibre is able to carry larger information loads further because the signal is not lost over longer distances
  • Fibre is much safer than copper because it uses light instead of electrical currents that create heat and could be a fire hazard
  • Fibre is considered a ‘once in a generation’ investment, and users will not experience downtime because of theft or the need to replace